Anime: Kickstarter Launched for Original Pilot Series Mecha-UDE

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About the Campaign

A Kickstarter Campaign for an original animation was created that also became a quick success. The series titled Mecha-UDE was an original concept created by Sae Okamoto. A female Japanese animator/director, with a significantly smaller team, compared to large and outperforming companies in her industry. She’s no ordinary animator, however, as she takes on many skills she’s acquired throughout her experience of being one of the staff members working on larger scale projects in the past. If you’ve heard of Tenkai Knights or Sushi Police, then you’ve must of heard about her somewhere down the line.

Character Hero

What is Mecha-UDE?

Mecha-UDE is a series about a young boy at the age of 16 living in Japan where he faces society as a dull and plain looking kid. No one special and no one of interest. However, one day he comes across a Mecha-Anima. A mechanical arm that has it’s own strengths and unique character, with it. It is also gifted with self-awareness. The boy changes his outlook and perspective on life, changing himself from a boring young kid living in Japan, to a rival fighting and evil stopping hero. In short, he meets other unique Mecha-UDE through other humans who have acquired them. Each having their own character and pizzazz or flare.

This is Sae Okamoto’s challenge to create a wonderful story anime where even with a low budget in consideration. It can become something of equal value in the industry. Especially in times where the rate of upcoming animators has increased. With the way, the Anime looks, though, needless to say. It is very aesthetically and visually appealing to the eye, here’s a short gif from the creators themselves. Hosted by them:

Mechanical Arms.

Just some fighting action sequence.

We at ComedyNGaming personally believe that the series is a very good standout from most animes, although it focuses on a common story, it provides of relatively new things, especially in a creative way, such as something like using Mecha as arms and giving them life. Now if these arms can speak, we’ll really be in for a surprise.

You can check out the campaign through the website listed here:

Last modified: December 26, 2016