The Gravity Rush OVA is Chock Full of Gravity Fun

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Sony just released the official Gravity Rush anime as a Post-Christmas treat. Gravity Rush: The Animation-Overture is a set of two anime shorts that take place between the events of Gravity Rush 1 and 2. The anime acts as a prologue for the upcoming game, Gravity Rush 2 and as an intro for Gravity Rush’s world.

The first short helps showcase the plot of  Gravity Rush 2. Tons of children have gone missing, so Kat, our superhero protagonist decides to do something about it. Although she can’t do it alone, so she takes her other gravity shifting friend, Raven along for the ride. They’re taken to a building where they’re forced to fight a few of Gravity Rush 2’s antagonists. You’ll see more of them when the game releases next month.

The second short focuses on Kat’s daily life. She’s just out trying to get a tasty meal when out of nowhere, the game’s main enemy, Nevi attack. This part helps show Kat’s childish side. She becomes single-minded as the food she desires becomes just a little bit out of reach.

You’ll be able to see more of Kat and Raven’s shenanigans when Gravity Rush 2 Releases on January 20th. You’ll also be able to read my opinions on Kat a few days after that in ComedynGaming’s Gravity Rush 2 Review.


Last modified: December 26, 2016