Mighty No 9

Mighty No. 9 Trailer is Just a bullsh*t No!

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Cheap, cheap, cheap is what I think when I see this trailer for the first time it’s like taking a thumb and shoving up our arses (I’m not British but I just felt like saying it!). Anyways let’s talk about this damn trailer, because I’m a little annoyed, actually little is too generous, extremely annoyed. This trailer looks more choppy than you trying to cut vegetables as a culinary chef and you fucking failing at it! Somebody get this company a license to actually make a trailer, and not try to hard thanks. It’s not just the trailer, but it’s just they had such a good budget to work with for an indie game the trailer could’ve been just text and interesting concepts and it would’ve sold everyone, but please read on!

The Problem:

The trailer is the problem it shows so much that could be so much more improved, and these delays are another problem, let’s talk about this trailer now watch it here:

Now as you saw this, you can see the obvious mistakes, the really cringing try hard wannabe trendy narrator sets off the mood from the game, especially when there are interesting parts to it such as the whole idea of the dashes, but “make the bad guys cry like anime fans on prom night ” Who in the actual f*** would say something this far off from making sense, I lost the complexity of brain cells due to the malfunction I was experiencing from the WTF moment. The narration at some parts were kind of funny as I mentioned it was a stupid funny y’know something you can be mad at, but not blistering mad.


The gameplay though…. eh, boy I wish I can be excited about this, but not at this really from the promised 2.5d gameplay style that was promised this project looked like only 1/30 of those 3 million dollars were invested I mean seriously, even the fire looks so blurry and poor, it’s hard for you to enjoy an experience that was promised when the graphics aren’t to par with what we were promised, we’re not talking about having the best HD graphics in the world, but damn at least keep your promise, if you’re going to be delaying the game for this long as least give it one last delay and go all out updating and re-rendering those graphics and visuals, and revamp the pace too, it looked a little slow compared to the original mega man series. I did like the dashing and the ability to consume an enemy and they just go nuts raising your speed, strength and more so that’s a one of the good things I think really works.


So closing this article off I just wanted to say, from this prospective game that earned 3 million dollars in such a short amount of time, from fans who’ve waited for something like this since they played the mega man series I implore you to listen to the cries of your fans Keiji Inafune and please work at this game, in a shorter span and stop delaying the game, please if you have to delay it just set it later and tell fans you want to polish it up! They rather enjoy to hear that and see better trailers of improvements if you work at it, so get going you! Thanks.

I’ve been Gintoooo and I’m Ooout!


Last modified: May 26, 2016