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Crash Bandicoot gets Remaster and included in Skylanders Trilogy

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Man are we excited to see naughty dog actually pushing out the damn Crash Bandicoot series again, I mean what in the actual F*** it’s been years now, couldn’t you have done something earlier and why a Remaster? Why does every game have to be a damn remaster, make a damn new one already! Anyways We are happy though, because as retro gamers (or gamers) have been waiting for one of their favorite Video Game Mascots to show up again after Spyro, Naughty Dog has really pulled a fast one, things are about to get more fan boil now, because back in 06’ I was killing every Crash game in the series and nobody was reggie, okay no more silliness here, Crash is getting a remaster for the PS4 as it’s always been exclusive to Playstation since the beginning, but this remake isn’t of just one crash game because there’s enough space on a Blu-Ray to put more than 4 games on there and that’s exactly what they did, Naughty Dog won’t be just selling you Crash, but the saga from the first to the 3rd how’s that? Sounds pretty awesome to me right? While we can’t wait for to play the game we can always googly the heck out of it, while crash will be having a remaster and no release date coming soon, we can expect to see this crazed tornado turning mascot in the new Skylanders game coming out soon, but if you don’t think the hype was real for this then you’re sadly mistaken, here’s a clip:

The Hilarious clip and reaction of thousands of fans:

(Source: IGN)

Epic right?

While we know how epic this was, we need to explain what games are exactly going to be remastered, if we haven’t mentioned already above, the games that will be remastered are Crash Bandicoot 1, Crash Bandicoot: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped, so yeah get ready to enjoy an amazing experience of seeing this character restore into new life for a newer gen console, with new images leaking soon and hopefully better quality ones at that I’ll keep you gamers updated on when this is going to drop. So far no release date has been claimed, but I’m pretty sure it’s close this year 😉 So don’t worry my geeks, stay in peace! Oh! I almost forgot you can view the trailer for the new skylanders including Crash here:

Last modified: July 6, 2016