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Making the Jump to Mobile Gaming

As you know many companies as of late have started to make the move on placing their arsenal of games in the shape of the Mobile Platform,...

September 11, 2016

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Reviewing the App: Ultimate Kept Man Life

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Reviewing the App: Ultimate Kept Man Life

What is Ultimate Kept Man Life? As I’ve discovered this game today,  I pretty much have to say this is one of the funniest games...

May 12, 2016

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iPhone 7 Talk Getting Pretty Serious?

Will all the news flying around, Apple is soaring, Why you may ask? Because of this damn new iPhone coming out near October, People are...

March 30, 2016

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Kanji Study App: GIVEAWAY!

Following my last Review developer Chase Colburn of the Kanji Study App has decided to share his awesomeness with some fantastic promo...

March 27, 2016

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Kanji Study by Chase Colburn

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Reviewing the app: Kanji Study

What is Kanji Study? Kanji Study is an app developed by Chase Colburn, it’s an Android and soon to be IOS app, it provides students...

March 25, 2016

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